KES, Inc.


Kolah Environmental Services, Inc.

‚ÄčKES, Inc. (t/a KES) is a minority owned and operated State of Maryland registered Corporation, and a foreign Corporation in the Commonwealth of Virginia. KES is in business to provide environmental related services and products including but not limited to environmental cleaning, restoration, and all products that impact the environment productively. While KES is a new Corporation, it is by no means a young company. Its Team Members, Partners, Affiliates, and Subsidiaries bring to KES decades of experience and competence in the environmental cleaning and related services industry. Other unique experience, products and services are in marketing and sales, governmental relations, financial services, housing (prefabricated, containerized modules), agriculture and agri-business (apples, lemon, limes, rice, etc.), energy (solar, waste-to-energy), communications (fiber optics training, products and services, high compression audio/video streaming), services (management, consulting, grant writing), among others. KES is customer centered seeking always to listen and develop solutions that generate tangible results in line with customer's business strategy.

"At KES, it is all hands on deck at all times for all projects (small, medium or large) 

involving private entities or governmental institutions"

"KES is working to bridge the gap between 

environmental hazards and environmental cleanliness"