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About Us

Environmental services, as related to natural non-produced assets of land, water, and air in the ecosystem, fall within three broad categories; disposal services, productive services, and consumer or consumption services. The context of the verbiage in KES functionalities, relates to the absorption of waste generated either from the use of raw materials and energy to produce goods and services, or from the basic roles of man and machine in support of life and amenities. The goal KES seeks and is committed to fulfill is environmental cleanliness.

KES, a wholly owned and operated Minority Environmental Services Company, is registered with the State Department of Assessments and Taxation of the State of Maryland. Its corporate office is located at 3344 Harney Road, Taneytown, MD 21787; and its business office is located at 13066 Hunterbrook Drive, Woodbridge VA 22192. KES is in negotiations to establish a Maryland Office and warehouse in the Enterprise or HUB Zone in Baltimore City, Maryland. KES is registered as a foreign corporation in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Please direct all communications to the Business Office Address in Virginia. 

Assigned a Maryland Department ID# D17191503, KES is in business to perform professional environmental related services as a core business. These services include but are not limited to oily water and soil recovery, water treatment and purification, industrial and refinery cleaning and maintenance, hazardous and non hazardous waste management services, all types of tank and ship cleaning, among others. It is an indisputable fact that a containing challenge related to development, is pollution of the environment and ecosystem as a direct result of man-made and machine generated activities, whether in production or consumption of goods and services. In addition to its core business, KES also offers other products and services related to the environment. These include; solar panels sales and installation, biometrics, prefabricated and containerized homes modules, etc.

Our Mission

To provide full professional, unparalleled services, customer satisfying products, implementing cost effective solutions, and safe applications utilizing state-of-the-art technology to deliver reliably efficient, timely solutions both to private and public (local, state,and federal governmental) entities. 

Our Vision

Operating with state-of-the-art technology, knowledgeable staff, extensive experience, and commitment to excellence, we seek to evolve into a full scale environmental services company that addresses disposal, productive, and consumption related environmental issues along with environmental friendly products in all areas of the environmental remediation industry leading to KES becoming a household name in the industry.  

Our Team

Board of Directors


Division Heads

Board of Directors

Larry M. Williams, Sr.


Jim B. Tubah

Co-Chair and General Secretary

Ashok (Ash) Damre



Ashok (Ash) Damre 

B.E.M.E. P.E.


Abridged CV

Mr. Ashok (Ash) Damre is an Indian American Professional Engineer and entrepreneur. He has over 40 years of diversified engineering and managment experience including fifteen years as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Co-founder of RBA Energy Group. Ash has worked primarily in the energy sector including commercial nuclear power plants, biomass power plants, solar PV plants, and biofuels facilities in the USA, Taiwan, Spain, and India. Currently, Mr. Damre is the CEO of KOLAH Environmental Engineering Services, Inc., Woodbridge, Virginia. Ash welcomes and thrives off a challenge and is always expanding his business network with drive and passion.

Larry M. Williams



Mr. Williams hails from Uniontown, Pennsylvania and traces his ancestry to Ethiopia. He is a Vietnam Veteran who served his Country then and is still serving even now. He has more than 45 years of unquestioned diversity in the business industry possessing skills and expertise unmatched in the industry. Working as a civilian for the military out of Fort Belvoir, Virginia, Mr. Williams worked from Dispatching to Motor Pool Officer, then Installation Transportation Officer where he oversaw over 600 employees both military and civilians. His daily functions included Response, Mobilization, Logistics, Railway Maintenance, Helicopters Maintenance, Logistics & Transportation for 5 ROTC units, and Energy Supply (to ensure that the coal supply remained stable at the Pentagon and Capitol Hill). Mr. Williams’ true passion is for Africa in general and sub-Saharan Africa in particular. After many visits to the continent, he has developed compassion for the plight of the people of Africa. He recognizes that there is no problem that is incomprehensible for the human intellect to resolve. He believes it takes determination and commitment. Towards this end, he has committed himself to helping find solutions to Africa's hunger, poverty, education, energy, and other issues. He identifies resources and matches them to the problems. Currently, Mr. Williams is a Co-Founder, Chairman and President for the International Division of Kolah Environmental Services, Inc. dba KES, Inc. a Commonwealth of Virginia environmental services and consultancy company. A complete is available upon request.

Jim B. Tubah



Mr. Tubah, an African American who hails from Liberia, West Africa, is a professional business developer and entrepreneur. He has over 30 years of diversified education, business development, management, and operations experience. A background in Transportation Planning, Management, and Logistics, he is detailed oriented with great time management skills. He served as Operations Manager for 10 years in the private sector. Mr. Tubah is Co-Founder of Kolah Environmental Services, Inc. dba KES, Inc., a Commonwealth of Virginia Environmental Services and Consultancy Company. He is the Founder of Liberia Holdings Corporation, Inc. and Co-Founder of Pioneer Trust Ventures, Ltd a Ghanaian Company. Currently a Principal of KES, Inc., Mr. Tubah is innovative and forward thinking seeking always to identify catalysts to promote opportunities for economic growth and development in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). A firm believer in the proposition that SSA holds the key to global agricultural dominance, Mr. Tubah is focused on identifying technology and other available methods to help leverage that potential.  Detailed CV available upon request. 

John Q.  Wilson


(CV Pending)

Division Heads 

Environmental Services Division

President: Larry Frangos, Sr.

Vice President/COO: Steve Grueber (CV under Services)

Vice President Administration: Larry Frangos,  Jr.

Housing Development Division 

President: (Coming Soon)

Electrical Services Division 

President: (Coming Soon)

Commodities Division 

President: Simon Goudiaby

Solar and Renewable Energy Division 

President: (Coming Soon)

Assurance Division 

President: Karlton Kilby 



KES is honored to have Mr. Kilby's consent to assist with the development of the Assurance Program which is intended to help provide coverage to millions of people in emerging markets who, as at now, do not have access to this type of program. Mr. Kilby is the original developer of  the Assurance Program when we all collaborated with another entity. Mr. Kilby comes on board as a highly recommended and vastly qualified Insurance Professional. 

He served as the Assistant Vice President of Program Development and Underwriting Director for Seaworthy Insurance Company. Seaworthy Insurance Company is a subsidiary of the National Indemnity Insurance Company,  a Berkshire/Hathaway Subsidiary. Prior to working at Seaworthy Insurance Company, Mr. Kilby worked at MetLife Property and Casualty in their Marine Underwriting Department. It was during that tenure that he was elected to the International Association of Marine Investigators (IAM) Board of Directors in Blioxi, Mississippi in 1996. In a historical milestone for the Organization,  Mr. Kilby was the first private industry member to hold the Office of President for this International Organization.  He served as President in 2004 and 2005. 

Mr. Kilby also served 20 years in the United States Air Force and Air Force Reserve until his retirement as Medical Administrator and Executive Officer for the 445th Aero-Medical Staging Squadron in 1997. (Mr. Kilby is a vibrant and dynamic individual always involved in productive engagements; therefore, his CV may have slightly changed over the past five years.)  

Healthcare Services Division 

President: (Coming Soon)

Consultancy Services Division 

President: Larry M. Williams

Non-Profit Division

President: (Coming Soon)

Minerals and Metals Division

​President: (Coming Soon)

Transportation Services Division

President: Jim B. Tubah

Entertainment Services Division

President: (Coming Soon)

Finance Division   

President: John Q. Wilson

 (CV Pending) 

Agricultural Services Division

President: Charles E. Adams


Mr. Adams has been an organic grower for over 35 years and has an array of domestic and international business experience including but not limited to commercial and residential construction, project management, and marketing in USA, Australia, New Zealand, and China. Mr. Adams has a high focus on sustainable agriculture. He also serves as COO and Agricultural Consultant to Agriglobal Commodities Inc., a Strategic Partner Company to KES, Inc.