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Affiliates and Strategic Partnerships

Since its inception, KES recognizes the advantages of business affiliations and strategic partnerships as the source of extending shared corporate capabilities and competitiveness. Towards this end, KES has developed a number of affiliations and strategic partnerships each of which has unique cutting edge technology industry-wide. A partial list of Affiliates and Strategic Partnerships includes the followings:

KES Affiliates:

1. North America

Lone Willow Inc. LLC

L W Associates, LLC

NEED, Inc.

R.D. Carcelli, LLC

Q. Gladstone Group

2. West African


Caexre, Cabinet d'Expertises Renuies, Benin

Pioneer Trust Ventures, Inc., Ghana

Liberia Holdings Corporations, Inc., Liberia

SEED, Inc., Sierra Leone

Duwah Construction Company, Liberia

SOCAEPE SA, Cote d'Ivoire

AGUID, Guinea

J. Adu Group of Companies, Nigeria

3. Caribbean Islands


KES Strategic Partnerships:

1. North America


Mitchell J. Aldridge Enterprises, LLC (UV Solar Panels)

Verdant Holdings, LLC (EMC WTE Technology)

No PyroTM (A biodegradable fire retardant polymer)

NanoPV Solar, Inc. USA (Solar Panels)

Blume Distillation, LLC (WTE Bio-refinery)

Safety Technologies, Inc. (DSS System)

Biomass Industries, Inc.

Health Fairs USA

Pacific Rim Business Council (Affordable Homes 4U)

International Commerce Group (ICG), Inc.

NORTHBROOK Trading Company 

SWIDE Effects, LLC (Fiber Optics)


House of JonLei, Inc.

Gunter Food Products, Inc. (Agri-Business)

First United Funding, Inc. (Financial Services)

Soil Remediation, Inc. (Environmental Services)

S.S.W. Inc. (Construction Services)

Melvin Forbes Company

Wilkerson Enterprises

TEARS Student Assistance Program

International Commerce Group (ICG), LLC (Commodities)